Friday, June 19, 2009

Big Numbers - The video from Ignite Phoenix #4

If you missed the event or didn't get the full picture from the Sideshare presentation, I'm delighted to say that the video of my talk on Big Numbers from Ignite Phoenix #4 is online!

Ignite Phoenix continues to be the very best event in the Valley. And I'm not making that up. It. Is. The. Best. If you don't have one in your community, start one.

I was a lot happier with my presentation this time than last. Why? Because this time, I pushed my arrogance aside (try and picture that) and actually rehearsed. I was prepped. I knew the material. I know what I was going to say and when I was going to say it. I could do the whole 5 minutes without the slides. Yet I left enough breathing room for the crowed to react. And they did, in all the right spots.

Could I improve? Sure. I need to stop moving around so much. Maybe I should only move during the transition. Or maybe it's fine. But if I'm going to do more talks professionally -- no, I wasn't paid to speak at Ignite Phoenix -- then I need to get my body motion as prepped as my ability to nail the slides and the words. Not that I'm not happy. I'm friggin' thrilled with how I did!

Wanna do this? Go ahead. Ignite Phoenix is taking submissions for their 5th event coming up in November. And yes, you know I'm submitting again. What? Not sure... I have time.

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  1. What a great talk dude! I liked them all, but this one very well could have been the best.

    (also, WOW the videos are already up??)

  2. Awesome presentation. And rehearsal? Go figure. Nice job. You can regain your arrogance now. And I'm looking forward to your Big Whatever at Ignite Phoenix 5.

  3. Thanks, Brian. And yes, Clintus rocked the house getting the videos -- ALL OF THEM -- up so quickly.

    Robin: My original intent was to move away from the "Big" topics. But I've had requests to go "small", which is just another way of looking at big. I've got time to ponder, and want to make it a great one. Glad you enjoyed. Resuming arrogance now... :)

  4. Well done as always, Evo. I was unable to make it to this Ignite, unfortunately. Heard a lot of good things, though!

  5. That was pretty awesome, brother. You're well on your way to the pro speaking circuit, no lie.

  6. I disagree that you moved around too much. One thing I remember from my rock n' roll days was being told that we don't have roots on our feet -- it's much more interesting when performers move around.

    What will you be presenting at 5?

  7. Stacy -- One of the things my band-mates in the ska punk band loved about me was that I actually moved. Most bass players -- from what they tell me -- are like statues. Me? I jump. Not as much as Flea, but I jump. Motion is key, but I need to make sure it's done with a purpose. A minor tweak, really.

    Thanks, J.C.. Glad you enjoyed it. And as for the future, who knows. :)

    Tony -- I certainly hope you'll make it for #5! I enjoy your presentations!

  8. I liked this presentation but haven't seen any of the others so can't compare. I thought everything was well timed except one thing: when you mentioned the number of years in a trillion(?) seconds you gave the answer before the slide was up; think how awesome it would have been if you were giving the answer just as the slide appeared (or just after). Apart from that it was well done.

    Can I ask whether there was a laptop/screen just below camera level as you kept looking down there? If not maybe you could suggest it as it was noticable you were looking at the big screen to make sure it had changed.


    Grahame from the UK.

  9. Thanks, Grahame. And my intention was for the "31.6" years slide to come up just as I was saying the answer. But I ran through the 11.5 days x 1,000 slide a bit too fast. The other option was "dead air". I've spent too many years on the radio to let that happen. :)

    Oh, and it was a billion seconds that make up 31 years, 8 months, 16 days, and 3 1/2 hours.

    There was in fact a monitor in front of me. But I was not looking at the big screen to "make sure it had changed". I was looking at the big screen to insert some humanity to the presentation, showing the audience my awe and wonder at what I was saying. At least, that was my intent. Sorry if I fell a bit short. :)

  10. Does Robot_evo know about this post? Hmmmm....

    Seriously, though, I though you did a great job. I watched your first presentation and though it was a significantly smaller audience, I thought your personality came through just as strong in that preso as in this one. Of all the presentations at Ignite #4, I'd put yours at the top as the most polished, professional and well-paced.

    Regarding your comment about moving around so much: I disagree. You were fine. I liked that you moved around. There's nothing more boring than someone who stands in one place the whole time. Besides, as you get more comfortable on stage, the nervous energy (which is you moving around) will level out.

    I look forward to what comes next from you in Ignite Phoenix #5!


  11. Thanks, Joey. And no. Robot Evo was busy persecuting my new Twitter followers to tune in that evening.

    To clarify on the movement: there exists a wide range of options between stillness and too much motion. Stillness would not what I'm looking for. I'm mobile, therefore I am. But I need to be more conscious of the movements I do, making them with a purpose.

  12. Hey, Evo. I saw this and immediately thought of your Ignite presentations.


  13. Thanks, Tony. Great background image. And Pale Blue Dot sits proudly on my bookshelf. :)

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