Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ignite Phoenix - Big Numbers dry run

I had a fabulous idea recently. Since timing and rehearsal are more important at Ignite Phoenix than other presentations (your 20 slides auto-rotate every 15 seconds without any input from you), I thought I'd do my night-before run in front of the microphone.

And thanks again to the magic o SlideCast by SlideShare, here is the dry-run of my Ignite Phoenix presentation, Big Numbers.

The actual video of the event will be posted in the coming days. I'm really hoping that turned out well, and that it captured the audiences reaction to my presentation. Which went really, really well. More on that when I can see the video and get it posted.

Oh, and if you live in the Phoenix metro area and are inspired by what you see here, submissions for Ignite Phoenix #5 are open. And yes, I'll be submitting again. How can I not!

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