Friday, May 30, 2008

Give the gift of Expert Podcasting Practices for Dummies

The New Expert Podcasting Practices for Dummies is here!First, thanks to everyone who bought the book. This isn't a sales pitch, I promise. In fact, it's the opposite. I find myself with about about dozen copies of EPPfD here on my desk. These are copies I am provided by the publisher to do with as I see fit. I've given away those that I want to give away, and have more here than I know what to do with.

Since I no longer have a podcast or really any public venue with which to give these away, I'm turning them over to you. Many of you reading this have your own podcast, show... or whatever. Would you like to give away one of my books as a prize or incentive? Bip me ahead of time so we can work out the logistics. I'd hate for 50 of you to offer them up only to discover that they are already spoken for.

You know how to reach me. If not, check my Contacts page.

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