Monday, May 26, 2008

Going mobile?

A friend of mine recently launched (Ok, it was a while ago) a service to automatically convert blogs into mobile sites. Now you may be thinking that it's not all that difficult, or that with the rise of the iPhone and other browser-rich mobile devices, such technology wouldn't be all that necessary.

I thought that. And I see that I'm wrong.

Enter MoFuse -- a free service that uses your RSS feed to create a mobile-friendly version of your blog. Yes, I've said blog a couple of times. That's what this is for, though there are obviously other applications. What I'm most impressed by is their ability to detect which flavor of mobile is coming to view the site and present an appropriate page for that phone. It's hella cool.

Right now, I'm trying to get the system to automatically redirect all mobile browsers to my site to the MoFuse-enabled version. That's not going as smooth as I like, but it's probably my fault. There's lots more to do with this application. So I'll be playing for bit and will report back soon!

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