Saturday, October 6, 2007

New Social Media Discoveries

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I've made a few discoveries in the last few days. So rather than waxing philosophical on this fine Saturday afternoon, I thought I'd share them with you.

  • Shelfari seems quite cool. Thanks to Brad P. for pushing me in the direction. In a nutshell, it's a social network for book lovers. Explore, share, friends... all the classics, but all centered around books. I made a group for fans, too.

  • Zachary R. then asked how it compared to Goodreads. Very similar. Goodreads has less of a Web 2.0 fill, but actually has more activity. So another group was formed there, too.

  • And I finally understand that TextMarks is not a Twitter-clone. You could use it that way, sure. But it's true power comes with the dynamic calls and SMS broadcasting. Still pondering the best way to utilize this, but I've set it up for me and for just a placeholders for now.

  • I wish Twitter would let me send mobile updates to more than one account. But it won't, and I get it. Why? Because I've set up a Twitter profile for NJ's high school hockey team (Hamilton Huskies) as well as his travel U16 midget team (Thunder on Ice). I'm really enjoying using Twitter as my update medium and archive for the games, even if not many people are following. Trouble is, I have to hope the rink has wifi, since I can't do phone updates to multiple accounts.

    So how are you spending your weekend? Found anything worth noting?


    1. Impressed at first, less impressed as I played with them.

      Goodreads has an irritating way of adding books, Shelfari is much easier. but what about CDs? music, movies? and finding single women who have the same shelves ? then add a sprinkle of twitter.... ? Am i missing the point here ?

    2. Went to the Slash and Bash movie marathon here in town. Got my pic taken with Dee Wallace-Stone. Had a pretty good weekend so far.

    3. And how do Goodreads and Shelfari compare to LibraryThing?

    4. Scott,

      I'm pretty happy that both sites stick to books, personally. I'll let them defend their rationality for not adding much "personal" data to the profiles, though I can see some rationale for an integration with Twitter.

      Sounds like Doz had fun.

      I've not played with LibraryThing, Nolly. But I'll have to!


    5. You should check out

      Their you can trade your books, cds, dvds and video games for free.

      And with their new promotion, the more friends you tell even their shipping is free.

      I am addicted.


    6. I love Shelfari! It's my favorite site right now! Glad you enjoy it too :)


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