Friday, October 26, 2007

Five O'Clock Shadow 86

Five O'Clock Shadow 86

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So... I'm not so sure this is working out. Well, for one thing, I know that I'm not working out. That's probably part of the problem.

So I've fired up the Traineo profile, hoping that some of you may have one and are using it a lot more than I. With luck, you can get my ass moving. Just hard to crawl out of bed or drag myself away from the 'puter. But I need to do it.

PodcampAZ next weekend. I'll dry to post more between now and then.

And heck, I forgot to mention that my fantastic narration of The Radio Adventures of Doctor Floyd is live. It was on SE#015. Apologies for the audio quality. Seems something happened and everyone was overmodulated. Sounds a lot worse on my since I'm pretty loud by nature.


  1. Hey, I found your blog when you reciprocated as a Flickr contact. Nice place. The blog, I mean. I clicked through on the warning on the feedburner icon thingy you posted. I just set up feedburner, little late to that party, but I been building blogs for people all summer. Any info would be appreciated, use my email address on this blog post (my main address) or email me through Flickr ! Tarky7

  2. Awesome- traineo is nice:

    See you next weekend!



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