Monday, October 29, 2007

Five O'Clock Shadow 87

Five O'Clock Shadow 87

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A list of things on my mind. Won't make a lot of sense to all of you, so feel free to move along:

  • I'm liking Utterz. But I'm hesitant to stick it here on the blog. I just got the blog cleaned up and I don't want to clutter. And unlike everyone else, I'm not sticking it in my Twitter feed. If you want a feed with all my junk, follow me on Jaiku.

  • You sure about this, Geo?

  • Went back to the gym today and am thinking about going back tonight. Time to get serious about this shit. Have decided that Traineo is the right way to go, but I wish it was easier to add friends. You know... the cornerstone of social networking?

  • We added the first ever erotica title to Nobilis has a short story collection of erotica rumored to be on the way, but ThornDaddy and Dollie beat him to the punch.

  • For those that asked: I'm going as nothing tomorrow.

  • Have made interesting connections with certain individuals in the city of Chicago. Quite.

  • Two author friends of mine didn't know I'd left tDP, though I did that long before I left FPM.

  • Am taking the rest of the night off.

End trans.


  1. As sure as I am about anything, Evo...




  2. Um.....Evo?

    Excuse me, Mr. Terra?

    ......was that really you and not one of my friends playing a horrible trick on me by commenting on my show blog?

    Cause if it is, holy shit.......

    This means we're going to actually have to start making this show better.....

  3. Yeah, Reggie. That was me.

    But don't make the show better on my account. You type in the word "podiobook" in your notes and I'll see it each time. :)


  4. Cool, that's pretty much what I figured.

    We're still working on making it better anyway, though.



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