Thursday, October 4, 2007

Life as a professional trailblazer

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I'm a bit less manic than I was last night. Many things on the day-job side of life managed. Tonight it's all about fun-job stuff that's been piling up too.

As I wrote that sentence, I almost wrote "professional" life instead of day job. But that doesn't work, as it must mean that things outside of my day job are less professional. Not true. At least, it doesn't feel true.

Does it take a paycheck to be a pro?

Does it take an advanced pedigree of some sort?

What if the things you are trying to be a pro at don't come with paychecks, or if you are a trailblazer? What if you are a professional trailblazer? Maybe we need some sort of certification program for that...


  1. "Professional" trailblazer? Is there a place we can make a certificate for that? Maybe it's like being a minister from the Church of Eternal Sunshine of the Mind, or whatever...

    I want one that says "Intern" traiblazer.

  2. A guy that works for me, and gets paid, is, by no means, a professional at programming. Very armature. However, he's pretty much a pro at surfing.

    Good points, E.

  3. Does it take a paycheck to be a pro?
    Technically, yes. By definition, that's the difference between 'professional" and "amateur" -- getting paid. It's got nothing to do with quality or impartance of the work involved.

  4. Importance, that is. new KB, and I don't like it, but the old one doesn't have an eject key, and neither does the drive on my new-to-me mac.


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