Saturday, March 14, 2009

Social Media Introduction for the Travel & Tourism Industry

A few weeks ago I gave a talk to a 100+ owners of business in the travel, tourism and hospitality industry. It was at the Cochise County Travel & Tourism Workshop down in Benson Arizona. My job was to speak to the attendees about getting started in social media.

Here's the abbreviated version of that talk, minus the question and answers which took place as I talked. I love questions raised in the middle of my talk, for it really lets me craft the rest of the presentation to the needs of my audience. But it's tough to capture those questions on audio, and it sure drags out the presentation.

So now my 1 hour talk has been boiled down to 20 minutes, thanks to the magic of SlideShare. Love those guys. And I hope you enjoy the talk. Remember who it's geared for, but I think many of you will get something out of it.

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  1. Good overview of the building blocks of Social Media in tourism. Should be required for all top managment (especially late technology adopters) so they understand the basics and for every employee so they can help understand what people are saying about the place that employs them. Well done Evo.

  2. Like to share your video with our customers, great straightforward 101 on Social Media for the Tourism Industry. Certainly you point the audience in the right direction and alleviate basic fear and puzzling questions: Where to start? What to do? Am I left behind? Is it for me?

  3. Share away, Nelson. There are "embed codes" at the footer of the video for that very thing!

    And thanks for the kind words, Chuck!

  4. [...] Social Media Introduction for the Travel & Tourism Industry by Evo Terra. Evo goes over some of the basic questions many people have about how to get started with Social Media (flash presentation). [...]


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