Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Remembering Joe x2

I've had two really really good ideas for April Fool's Day pranks this year. Brilliant, mind-blowing pranks. I had them all planned out. But I'm not going to do either of them.

Guess I'm still not ready for today to be about anything other than remembering Joe Murphy. It's last year all over again, it seems. That's OK.

Maybe next year. Enjoy your April Fool's Day. Joe would have wanted you to.

Obligatory link to and inclusion of Beatnik Turtle's Mason Rocket. And thanks to Jack Mangan for the image used in this post. Cheyenne Wright created the original.


  1. Thanks for the props, but Tee Morris actually made that image from Cheyenne Wright's original.

    I agree with you, man. April 1 is Joe Murphy Day. I'll be hitting the root beer.

  2. Still mis his voice on the podcasts.

    Here's to Joe, Cheers.


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