Sunday, October 12, 2008

Steal this comic, support DRM-free files

OK, one more comic for the weekend:

And yes, I'm cross-posting this on DRM is teh suck.

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  1. I love the idealism in this comic! I mean, in what other country in the world can you advocate stealing something from a competitor's site and get away with it? True, the competitor does seem to be nefarious, but still....

    I'm really interested to see where all these file formats are going to land. Personally, I wish everything used simple formats like mp3 or pdf. Everyone can read them, everyone can create them. Oh well, sooner or later Audible is going to wake up and realize that they can't keep people from getting content no matter how hard they lock it down.

    Anyway, keep up the thought provocation, Evo! Thanks.


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