Friday, October 31, 2008

Obligatory Halloween post

Five O'Clock Shadow 88Image by evo_terra via FlickrHalloween is my favorite holiday. Well, truth be told, it's really the only holiday I still celebrate. Don't get me wrong -- I have nothing against celebration. I just sorta forget about the rest of them.

But there won't be much to this year's Halloween. My entire family has been packed with things to do recently, and none of us bothered to think too much about the holiday this year. Or last year... or the year before that.

Hrm. Guess I don't really celebrate this one, either. I need new holidays.

See you at PodcampAZ tomorrow, RIGHT?

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  1. Hey, Evo, are there going to be podcasts from PodCampAZ?
    One of the speakers has a Way Cool Mom who has ordered me to get them for her...

  2. I know some of the content was captured. How much? Not sure. Check for info.


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