Friday, October 17, 2008

Socializing Senior Photos

My son NJ recently did a photo shoot with the incomparable Tyson Crosbie. NJ is a senior in high school this year (yikes). Because he's my offspring, he doesn't like to do things the normal way. So sitting with Olan Mills didn't set too high on his priority list.

Enter Tyson, creator of the soft edit experience. His soft edits were already a big hit with the social media scene in Phoenix. Would it work as well for high school students? Maybe. Probably.

There were challenges. Tyson has a process he takes his clients through as he tries to match how they see themselves with how the world will see them through his lens. As you might imagine, the younger set finds it hard to pick three words that describe themselves. Though I think mine did an admirable job.

What do you think? Tyson's soft edits are all about getting the at-large world to come and comment on the photos, as everyone has their own unique perspective on each shot. Join in on the fun!

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  1. NJ...Uncross your arms and smile :) Love ya, Grandma Pearl


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