Wednesday, July 2, 2008

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I can haz job?

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In just over a week, I'll be without a full-time job. A few of you may operate under the assumption that and other projects account for the majority of my income. In fact, the exact opposite as true. Or at least it's currently true. Like the majority of you, a "day job" funds my explorations into the world of new media. 'Tis a love of labor, not a mercenary quest for lucrative sources of income.

What happened? One of the dangers of being really smart is that your clients can learn your smarts and decide to go it alone. And that happened. Such is business. I can point to a half dozen things we might have done differently over the last several years which might have impacted the outcome, but such is the clarity of vision that comes with hindsight. But I look back with no regrets. I never intended to get into the online advertising business, but I'm glad for the experience. Like all of my prior engagements, I'm left a more rounded, experienced and valuable person for it.

But I do find myself in unfamiliar territory. I haven't had cause to create a resume in nearly 20 years. Oh, sorry... "resume" is so gauche. I meant to say curriculum vitae or CV as it's come to be called. Fine. Whatever. See how long it's been? I need that purdy piece of paper with the fancy writin' that says what I'm all good for 'n stuff.

Oh, and then I need to get a job. Or a half dozen clients that need my services.

So now you know. I've polished up (to a slight degree) my LinkedIn profiles (one for the Evo personality, the other for the much-more-hireable Travis I was born) and need to get those distilled into a one-pager, then to get someone with mad layout skillz to make it into a masterpiece worthy of getting my foot in the door at places around Phoenix. Or somewhere that will allow me to continue the remote-working thing I've been doing the last 5 years.

Wish me luck!


  1. Evo,

    I hope this means we will be seeing more of you @gangplank. To have the opportunity to work with you or learn from you (as your clients did), is something I don't want to miss out on.

    Aaron Post

  2. Good luck, Evo! I'm sure a smart firm will snatch you up in no time.

  3. Welcome to the trenches of the unemployed! With your skill set, I trust that you won't be here as long as I've been.

  4. Evo,

    Good Luck with the job hunting, it must be a shock to the system after so long....

    All the best!


  5. Hey dood. Your linked in page... or actually, "his" linked in page says "my alter evo Evo Terra". It's a cute play on words but it really should say "my alter ego"...

    Later guy!!!!!! :)

  6. Hey amigo,

    Good luck with the job hunt. And keep writing!

  7. Sorry to hear it - sounds like the old "did your job so well you put yourself out of work"!
    Thanks for sharing.

    In regard to your CV conundrum - as a frequently hiring manager, here are a couple of thoughts:
    1) Don't limit yourself to a one page resume - no one does anymore.

    2) Having said that, three pages max - two is better. When I get 4 or 5 page resumes, they go to the bottom of the pile. Most of the time, I'll find a candidate before I get to the bottom of the pile!

    3) Don't put every little detail of every little project - its all about buzz/key words. Most recruiters and HR folks don't know shit about the jobs they are trying to fill - they just scan resumes and look for those key phrases the hiring manager told them about.

    4) Don't be afraid to discuss your other projects (podio books, etc) but you'll want to downplay their impact on your schedule. No one wants to hire a guy with too many irons in the fire that will limit their availability. Worse yet, you'll have to keep an eye on them to make sure they aren't working their other job while on your clock!

    Keep plugging - its a bad time to be out of work, but then again, its NEVER a good time!
    Hang in there bud


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