Thursday, July 3, 2008

Crowd-sourcing my CV

Wow. First a huge thanks to everyone who has responded to my last post. I've been bombarded with emails, LinkedIn requests, comments, tweets and just about every other form of communication we're involved with -- and everyone wants to help!

Since that's the atmosphere, who am I to say no? Let's start it off this way. I spent some time on the first draft of my CV today. I say "first draft" because I'm an author and know the process. Plus, it's been a long time since I've crafted one of these and I don't know the latest tricks.I've put said CV up as a Google Document and opened it up to review and revisions. (Google makes you request access. Sorry. But I'll grant it quick!)

Update: Final resume has been posted, so I'm taking the Google Doc down.

You'll note that there isn't any formatting, save the bold treatment on headers. I've been told by enough designers that I'm no designer to have finally learned. Plus, I like getting the content right first, then figuring the presentation our next.

Have at it, and happy blow-the-sky-apart day to my fellow Stateside people!


  1. Hey Evo. The link to your CV gives an error. I logged into Google docs, but it says that I don't have permission to view the document. I clicked the link to request access, but I don't think it is your intent to grant access on a case by case basis.

  2. I wish there was another way w/in Google Docs to do it other than granting individual access. But alas, there isn't. Probably the only way they can do revisioning.

    You have been given access.


  3. I just realized that having a resume open on my computer screen at work isn't a good idea, so I'll have to take a closer look at home. It's 4 pages long and I think it is better to keep it as a source to cut and paste from in the future. The finish CV will be much more streamlined.

    Here's a link to the best podcast on resumes, you better start boning up on hiring system.

  4. "Outsourcing" your resume writing. Very smart...... :-)

  5. knock knock, it dosen't like me. :-)


  6. We all take care of each other in the web 2.0 world.

  7. Oh gosh Evo ... that is just in the really sucky side of life ... no FT job ... I've been there (and could be soon again, on purpose, after my next child comes)

    Oh, btw ... whether you go with Evo or Travis (I was always wondering where Sheila's last name came from ... I just assumed that she opted to not take yours) ... I think if you want to stay in the current field of podcasting/web 3.0 ... you gotta go with Evo ... ya just gotta ... and it's really catchy too.


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