Monday, July 14, 2008

Resume/CV final

Yeah, I know there's a difference between a resume and a CV. At least, I think I know. I've had a half dozen or so folks tell me "oh yeah, do it different" and an equal number say "nah, same thing". So... whatever.

Mad props to MsInformation for her layout skills on this. And much thanks to all of you who provided input on the initial work I posted. I'll probably do a slimmed-down version of this one, but here's where I'm starting.

Read My Resume!

Oh, and we covered the Evo/Travis thing, right? If you missed that, relax. I'm like Madonna, but without the cowboy hat.


  1. Only negative comment is References, I would pull it off the page, because of course they are available upon request, it's a hackneyed phrase that shouldn't be bothered with anymore.

  2. Evo Unwin,

    It looks good. Hell I would at least give you an interview based on it. I think you covered the Evo/Travis thing well.

    Best of luck.


  3. Have forwarded to my friend. Need to know if you are still interested on that other item. I have 2 samples in Phoenix waiting for you??

  4. [...] Final resume has been posted, so I’m taking the Google Doc [...]


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