Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Know someone who should speak at Podcamp AZ? Nominate them!

Yes, I'll be speaking at Podcamp AZ again this year. And yes, you're probably sick of listening to me drone on and on and on and on...

Do you know the best way to combat OverEvo Syndrome? Get your ass up there and speak yourself! What, are you chicken? Then try the second-best way: nominate one of your friends!

PodCamp AZ is for anyone who wants to talk about "relevant media". 7 years later, new media isn't all that new. It's expanded in some areas, changed in others, and even gone through a bit of contraction. But in every area, it's become more and more accessible. To anyone. People like you, for example.

So come on up and talk. It's PodCamp AZ time very soon, and I'd love to see you there. Up on stage. Engaging with everyone. It's fun! Trust me.




  1. I have serious doubts that you can actually predict the future. I'm going to have sit in on your session to see this in action.

    (And yes, I'll be there too)

  2. Get thee away, doubter!


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