Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Beer and sausage for a month? Are you nuts?

I spent the better part of today answering lots of questions about #BrewDiet. And by "lots of questions", I mean variations on the same theme:
Are you nuts?

No, not in a clinical sense. Though I certainly march to the beat of a different drummer. But nuts? I'll leave that label to those who've earned it.

As I mentioned this morning, I'm doing this under doctor supervision. And not in a condescending "as-your-physician-I-cannot-recommend-this-course-of-action" way you might expect. No, my doctor in in full support. Why? His answer comes in the first paragraph of a blog post about our unorthodox dietary experiment:
My good friend Evo Terra is going on a special one month diet – it was going to be just beer but I convinced him to add some sausages (including my favorite, reindeer sausage).  If you have been influenced by popular press you are aghast at what Evo is doing, and how can a physician supervise such.  The answer is- because we need to know.

And know we shall. I highly recommend you read the whole piece, especially if you have preconceived notions on what good nutrition is or is not. I know I've been led down the wrong path before. It happens. Science isn't immune to data manipulation and just bad work. But it is rather good at self-correction.

October 1st is just a few days away. I'm looking forward to this! Especially if Terry is cooking...


  1. Enjoy the journey! I've been reading Terry Simpson's blogs, twits, facebook posts (think that covers it) for a while now. Following your thoughts and adventures will be just as rewarding.

  2. Thanks, Bruce. I'm really looking forward to this. Having Terry watching over takes a lot of the pressure off!

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