Sunday, December 5, 2010

A night to remember - Ignite Phoenix After Hours

On Friday night, I talked about titties. Not any specific titties, you understand, but titties in general and how our perceptions toward titties have changed over time. Confused? Maybe you're not paying close enough attention.

[caption id="attachment_1589" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Ignite Phoenix After Hours"]Ignite Phoenix After Hours[/caption]Friday night was the inaugural Ignite Phoenix After Hours event. I'm a seasoned vet of the Ignite format and a frequent speaker at Ignite Phoenix. The Ignite Phoenix crew have been batting around the idea of an adult-themed evening for years. Since the very first Ignite Phoenix in the summer of 2008, more than a few submissions each time are a bit over the PG-13 line they strive to maintain. Fast forward 2.5 years, and they said "fuck it, let's put on a grown-ups-only show".

And Ignite Phoenix After Hours was born.

And I knew immediately that I must speak at the event about a true passion of mine. That's right: titties.

[caption id="attachment_1590" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Evo on Titties Through The Ages"]Evo on Titties Through The Ages[/caption]So I did. My talk was "Titties Through The Ages", and it seemed to be a hit with the crowd. Unlike prior and "normal" Ignites, the presentations were not videoed and said non-existent videos will not be made available on the Ignite Phoenix YouTube channel, website or any other officially sanctioned place. Some of the presenters stepped well outside of their comfort zone and aren't all that keen on having their name and their topic be forever enshrined by The Google.

Me? Not worried about that at all. I've done and said enough stupid things in front of a mic or camera more times than I can count. So if anything, this well-polished and thought out presentation might knock some of those less-planned outbursts down a notch or two.

So with that, a video of my talk recorded live is below. (Warning: It takes a while to load!) You won't see me too much, as it was dark in the club and the screen behind me pretty bright. It's also tough to hear sometimes as the crowd was inches away from me and raucous to the extreme.

The funny thing is -- my talk was rather tame. Some of the ladies got up there and discussed other female body parts with much more abandon than I. And one G.I. surgeon discussed all the things he's pulled out of peoples' asses over the years. No, it wasn't all dirty talk. Others talked about tripping, drinking and driving, skepticism, zombies... and Lenny Bruce. A well rounded evening, I think!

Yes, they'll be doing #IPAH again. And yes, you'll want to go next time. Unless you're easily offended. Then... not so much. But you probably aren't reading this blog post, are you?


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  2. Well done, Sir, well Done.

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