Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Weird Time - Ignite Phoenix #6

So right about the time of this posting, I should be on stage doing my thing at Ignite Phoenix #6! This is my fourth time to present to the Ignite crowd, and I'm stoked to be doing it again.

For those who can't make it and aren't watching the live stream, here's my dry run of Weird Time in SlideCast form. Note that I had rehearsed this for a couple of hours, nailed it, recorded another "Give Evo an EVO video" and drank a couple of glasses of scotch. So this one isn't nearly as polished as I know it will be be tomorrow night. No drinking then. Promise.

I hope you enjoy Weird Time. And I hope I've given the chance to do Weird Distance and Weird Numbers at future Ignite Phoenix presentations. I figure I'll keep submitting until they start turning me down. :)

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