Sunday, December 20, 2009

The 5 stages of tribalization

There's been a lot of talk lately about tribes. Much of if focused on how to build them. If fact, we operate within tribes on a daily basis. As this video from TEDx USC points out, everyone is in some stage of tribalization. Even those on the outside looking in.

My initial reaction was to ask "Which stage am I in?". But that's the wrong question. The question needs to be asked of the tribes in which you are involved.

I wrote 700 words on how that all relates to me, my work, my extra time and my goals. And then I erased it. Because it doesn't matter to you. Here's a briefer summary:

  • Most employees are at stage 2. The company assumes they are at stage 3, yet puts out outward-facing communications claiming they are at stage 4.
  • Social tribes (non-work) are made up of mostly stage 3 people and a handful of 2s that stay on due to a sense of obligation. They tend to be led by a single person at 4, who is constantly battling the 3s.
  • Stage 5 is truly remarkable.

Nod to INDEX // mb for the inspiration.

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  1. Use this for both ImprovAZ and PodCampAZ. What stage are Jeff Moriarty and you/Brent Spore in?

  2. Only because you asked:

    I think we're all pretty strong 3s moving into the 4 space. Of course, each of us are different varieties of 3s. And we're each approaching our migration -- conscious or not -- to the 4th stage differently.

  3. I appreciate you stepping out of your comfort zone to talk about yourself.

  4. Evo,

    Thanks for sharing this! Really hadn't been paying attention to the whole "tribe" buzz word but this little ditty makes it sound more interesting than I first thought.

    Feel a bit more enlightened now. :) Thanks!


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