Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Restating my assumptions

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Assumption #1: We live in a world where it is impossible to create time. Therefore, I need to spend my discretionary time in the most productive channels possible.

Assumption #2 My definition of 'productive' may be -- and probably is -- significantly different from that of everyone else on the planet.

Assumption #3 My definition of 'productive' is highly influenced by the term 'discretionary' in the same sentence.

Assumption #4 Cool and new things (read: 'shiny') will always grab my attention due to perhaps faulting faulty wiring on my part. Or that of my parents.

Assumption #5 Some of those shiny objects will enhance my productivity.

Assumption #6 Most of them will not.

Assumption #7 Continuing to chase the shiny for the sake of chasing the shiny is -- according to my definition -- not productive.

Assumption #8 It's not like others (CC, Clintus, Chris, et. al.) aren't doing a damn fine job puddle jumping for the masses.

Assumption #9 Not all lists need to contain 10 items

Assumption #10 I receive maximum pleasure during discretionary time when I'm highly productive on

Guess what that means?


  1. great list man. Thanks for the mention.

  2. I suspect it means that you'll focus on the things that you're good at. I mean, Evo, honestly.. there are a billion people chasing down this new media thing.. and honestly, not only is it just a small amount that will increase your productivity.. but further. .only a small amount will be here in two or three years.

    Podiobooks is something you're good at, and something that has serious staying power. VERY serious staying power as an outlet for unpublished (and published) authors, for podcasters looking for a way to serialize fiction, and for a number of other things. I mean, and this is me being a bit honest here.. but I've seen you jump into any number of Web2.0 things at a moment's notice.. but Podiobooks has remained pretty close to the same design from the start.

    Here's what I would hope you would do, without it intending to sound like me telling you what to do.

    I would hope you take what you've learned from Twitter, from Facebook, from forums and digg and reddit and any of the other social engines you read, and apply it to podiobooks. It'd be REALLY sweet to have author pages, feedback walls, Twitter notifications on new books and news, forum communities, and a variety of other "new media" type things in there. Optimally, we could create a "metarecording" and metafeed where we could drag and drop our stories/feeds onto certain days of the week, and then, collect it all on those days.

    The future is limitless, Evo. . and you've got a GREAT thing with podiobooks. I'd love to see what you come up with.


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