Thursday, November 1, 2007


Five O'Clock Shadow 90

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A couple of things have me jazzed today:

  • Google's OpenSocial movement.
    No, it's not a new social media site you need to make a profile for. Rather, it's a set of open APIs that will (in theory) allow for interoperability between social networking sites. And at the rate companies are jumping on board, it should be quite an impact. I'm recommending to Doug, Chris, Ray and the rest of the development crew on that we follow suit. Sweet!

  • NaPodPoMo. Anxious to get back into the swing of things behind the mic, yet unable to come up with anything that I really want to do long term, I've decided to give National Podcast Post month a shot. Daily podcasts -- likely in the form of Utterz but maybe a CultCast for the entire month of Nov. Yikes.

    That's it for now. Hockey tonight, so you can follow the action here or here, I'm not sure which one!

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