Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Phoenix Media Makers afterglow

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Last night I had the chance to get together with the folks from the Phoenix Media Makers at a meetup at a little coffee shop near downtown. I met:

To say that I enjoyed meeting these people would be an understatement. I had no idea a talent pool like this existed in the Phoenix metro area. We all get so caught up in what we and our friends are doing, it's easy to forget that there are 6.4 billion people on the planet, and that other creative folks might be just around the corner.

My advice? Go to these meetups. Find groups in your area and go hang out and meet these people. I don't even do anything with video (though Cheryl has me thinking), and I had a blast! If you think that what you are doing is the most important thing in town -- you are wrong. Get out. Find others. Connect. Inspire. Collaborate. NOW!

No, that's not the hand of someone I picked up at the meeting. That's The Lovely Wife, squeezing herself into my photo. Gotta lover her...


  1. It was a blast and damn good to meet you man. We try to get together once a month but things do come up every once in a while. Look forward to the next round.

  2. Marc and I agree...we had a GREAT time! Who knew we would have so much in common! Marc and I tend to only talk podcasting to each other, since no one we know is into it as much as us :) We are looking forward to the next get together.

  3. Brief and silly video of our get together is now available at Node101 Phoenix, and my blurry photos are on Flickr.

    Great meeting you, Evo! Come next time and bring a bunch of friends!


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