Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tonight: Social Media 101 - Facebook privacy settings

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Tonight's Social Media Club Phoenix will be doing a deep-dive into the world of Facebook. The session is all about tips, trends, and tactics for winning Facebook marketing. Some really smart friends of mind are on the panel. If you're in Phoenix and are free tonight at 6:30, you should go.

Prior to that, I'll be once again hosting a Social Media 101 talk for those who are new to the field. It's a safe place to ask what you think might be silly questions. I try and keep the old-school pundits away from the meeting, as I want all you noobs to have your chance to get up to speed. Get a few "experts" in the room and it quickly devolves to an inside-baseball conversation that few beyond the inner circle cares about.

My topic tonight dovetails nicely with what you'll learn in the big room later. I'll be addressing Facebook privacy settings. They've been through some revisions recently. You should know what your sharing, to whom your sharing it with, and how to change things to better suit your needs. Facebook is a growing microcosm of activity. Knowing what is happening with the data you provide -- or maybe don't provide -- the service is a Good Thing.

My talk begins promptly at 5:30. We only have about 45 minutes before the troop starts to show up, so be there a little early so you don't miss anything. It's at the corporate offices near the Biltmore.

If you feel like staying for the full SMC meetup, go ahead. Or go home afterward. It's your choice. Both events are free. They are also highly attended, so come get a good seat!

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