Monday, March 17, 2008

Following along

Several folks called for me to clarify a tweet I made today:

I think your Following list says a lot about you and your relationship with Twitter. That's not a judgment call, just an observation.

My tweet was designed to cause you to look at your list and determine one thing: does the list of people you Follow meet with the way you want to use Twitter? The obvious question is "yes, that's why I do it that way", but I wonder. Personally, I can count at least three times that I've taken a hard look at how/why I use Twitter and made appropriate changes. And since the choice of who to follow is one of only three things1 you can change about Twitter, you should consider what your list of those you follow says about you.

To whom, you might ask? Well... to you. If you're on Twitter or some other 'social' site for another reason, then you've missed the point.

1. The other two are your "meta" data and the frequency/content of your tweets.

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