Friday, February 8, 2008

George Hrab is made of awesome

I have to constantly remind myself that George is a pro. That's actually a compliment, not a dig on his work. He's the consummate pro. Listen to his work and you'll agree. But I know the guy. He's a drinking buddy. Well, I drink beer, he drinks tea or something sans kick. And any time you know someone and really get all the behind-the-scenes stuff, you think of them less as a pro and more as a friend. Again, not a dig, but a reflection on how my perception changes when I really get to know them.

So when he cranks out something like this quick video for his song The Assumption, I'm blown all the way away, and I have to remind myself that yeah, he's a godsdamned pro and very capable of doing stuff like this. He rocks. He has (as I said on Twitter) more talent in his taint than I have in my entire body. And yet he still takes my calls. How cool is that?


  1. Evo-

    Do you realize the ONLY reason I did this vid (and I seriously mean ONLY) is because of the ZeFrank BRAIN CRACK video that YOU posted.

    I had had this multiple quicktime idea for a while, and after watching your linked vid- I HAD to get it out.

    Even if it sucked.

    Thanks to your post, this silly video popped out of me' head, and is probaly going to be the most viewed thing I've ever done.

    You sir... are the PRO.

    Thanks to you (and ZeFrank too...) but mostly to you.

    In the words of Jean Paul Sartre-



  2. Evo-

    I doubt this is going to sound objective, considering the topic is that guy who shares a studio with me, but I have to agree with you on the "consummate pro" point. It's rare to find someone who's that professional and ridiculously talented and completely real, as well. I have to say I've had my creativity's ass kicked numerous times just being in proximity to him.

    I know I can speak for both of us when I say an effusive "Thanks!" for being so supremely supportive of Geo's work. You, sire, are the one who rocks.

    aka brickgrrl/Ms. Information

  3. [Well, that was supposed to be "sir" ... but I suppose "sire" works, too.]

  4. Thanks for posting the vid, Evo. George is a pretty amazing talent and clearly he has time on his hands! :)

    Clearly as both and artist and a person, Geo just puts it out there and lets the viewer/listener/consumer make up their own mind. No coercion, no artifice. It's just Geo being himself and you're allowed to enjoy or not. It doesn't really seem to matter to him.

    He's like the Gregory House of musicians.

    - Icepick

  5. Holy crap! George Hrab is a genius!

  6. i love that bald sum'bitch in a totally heterosexual way....

  7. [...] another original video production by George Hrab. And if you missed it, this all started with his video of The Assumption.    Out of My Mind - George Hrab Video: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download [...]


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