Friday, January 4, 2008

Zero Fun #1 - Social Networks

Today (night, really) marks the first post in a multi-part series. Plenty of folks have risen who will tell you all about the latest and greatest "thing" on the interwebs. But how many of them will tell you about the things that they no longer find useful? I am your man.

So I'll still be adding new networks, widgets, sites and applications as I find out about them or someone recommends them to me. Everything will go in the Newly Fun pile for a couple of weeks. After that (and I'm treating those two-weeks as if they were on Island time), I'll move them to the Still Fun, Was Fun or Zero Fun list. And I reserve the right to move things in and out of those buckets. When it happens, I'll make it a point to tell you.

Starting from the bottom and working my way up, I'll cover some social networking sites that I tried out that never caught my fancy.

Gooruze is a social media site for people in the online marketing community. Now you'd think that would be right up my alley, right? Well... no. I've noticed a lot more crossover between my "fun" and "day" job. This site doesn't help. It does a good job of telling me all that I'm missing by not checking in more often, but I find myself really not caring about those conversations.

Terranaires network on Ning
Have you ever thought yourself so damned self-important that you need a social network all about you? You're wrong. Ning is a very cool site and I've used it to create a community for authors, content creators and fans. But it was really pointless of me to create a community of 'me'. My only saving grace is that I never once told anyone about it before this. So I'm really not that vain.

Speaking of "day" and "fun" crossing paths, I joined this site because they wanted one of my clients to advertise on their site, touting themselves as the fastest growing network EVAR. Well... whatever. If you think MySpace is bad about pointless friends and blatant pr0n wannabees, this site has 'em beat hands down.

Trig looked cool. Like a social network for people who cared how the site the belongs to looks and feels. Yeah. Well. Pretty sure the only friends I have there people I brought in. Sorry folks. Not for me.

I'll admit, Virb looks cool. But after being on for an untold number of months, I had a whopping eight "friends" -- and only four of them I actually know. I got a lot more requests for friendship than that, but they tended to be for bands and chicks who got kicked off of MySpace for trying to get people to look at nekkid pictures of them. Not that I'm opposed to either of those things, but they don't really server any purpose for me.

So there you have it, the first batch of Zero Funs. All of the profiles are linked, and I'll get an email if friend me. Feel free to show me the way!


  1. Wow. Hadn't even heard of any of those!

    I guess that's really the point.

    It seems that we're still in the throw up a new site a day and see what
    sticks stage of social networking.

  2. This is a great idea. Getting a summation of your experiences with these tools is going to be pretty damn useful... I know what's stuck for me, and what hasn't, but it'll be excellent to get your more robust perspective.

    If something's really working for you, and I haven't tried it yet, well, that's a recommendation I can count on. ;-)

  3. Glad you like it, guys. I've re-arranged my Places page if you want a sneak preview of what is/isn't/is no longer working for me, without the commentary.



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