Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The New Expert Podcasting Practices for Dummies is here! The New Expert Podcasting Practices for Dummies is here!

Based on comment I I saw on Twitter yesterday, I'm guessing I failed to put the news out about this months ago.

My bad.

If you've seen it in stores, let me know. I've checked the big chains around me and have had zero luck. Heard from someone in Australia also having trouble. Maybe the "expert" books don't sell so well in the stores, and you have to get it online?

Special thanks to Ryan Williams for stepping in and covering a few chapters for me when life got in the way.


  1. Bought it in Portland, ME at Borders.

  2. [...] One of my co-authors is having some trouble finding the book in stores near him, although the good folks in Maine seem to be covered. I didn’t find any copies in the new Barnes and Noble on campus, but I get the feeling that their selection is minimal because they also have to act as a school bookstore. It’s a geeky little thrill to see them there, though - I took a picture when I found the bass book in a Borders near me. [...]

  3. Looked for it last night at the local B&N. Nope. I did have to move all of the PodCasting for Dummies books... all one of 'em... to the big Wiley display. Can I have my $0.20 now?

    Oh yeah... sample copies of "Expert..." How am I gonna get my grubby little paws on a big honking box of about 400 of those, eh?

  4. $.20 is in the mail, Brad. As for mini books, I've heard or seen nothing about them. I'll fire off an email to see if I can get you some.

  5. Got mine at a Borders in Redmond, WA


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