Monday, January 7, 2008

Zero Fun #2 - Social Reviews

In my second posting in this series, I take on the concept of social review sites, one of the many factions of "social media" sites. And honestly, I see a great application for the "socialization" of review sites. Passionate people who want to hear of the experiences of other passionate people, are you kidding me? It's a match made in th heaven that is the graph.

But I'm no angel.

The trouble is this: I don't care. I value people's opinions and I'm happy to seek out those opinions when I'm in the market for something. But then I quickly go back to not caring. Hence, neither of these found any usage past my initial investigations.

I wrote a glowing review of VeiwPoints (double-irony noted) when I discovered VeiwPoints. Everything I said there remains valid. But see my earlier "don't care" comment. Nice execution. Hope others like it.

Yelp has been around a while, and puts up some impressive numbers of individual reviews and ratings. I was impressed with the interface when I was looking for a dim sum place near my new home. I was quite happy to see that two places garnered fantastic reviews. I went to both, found the reviews to be spot on... and never found another reason to return. To Yelp, that is. I go eat dim sum at either place all the time. Damn good dim sum in Chandler, AZ.

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