Saturday, December 29, 2007

99 Seems like a good stopping point

Five O'Clock Shadow 99

Originally uploaded by evo_terra

Well kids, here you have it. The final "Five O'Clock Shadow" post. It was fun doing this, and I got a lot more familiar with Flickr. Sort of resurrected the account, you might say.

I've got a new idea, partly thanks to that re-association with Flickr and various other web 2.0 sites. I'll leave you in suspense as I need to do some rearranging to make ready for it.

And for those who enjoyed my posting of pics on Flickr -- they'll still be coming, sometimes from my phone, sometimes from PhotoBooth, and maybe a real live camera if I can pull it from The Lovely Wife Lovely Wife anytime soon.

Enjoy the new year.


  1. what? what? stopping?

    I guess 99 is a good number. But where will I go to get my terrinary fix? I need guidance! I need my EVO!!!

  2. Oh, I'll be around. Just changing the channel on you... again. :)

  3. If there's one thing we can be absolutely certain of with you, it's change. I think that's the gig and I say bring it!


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