Thursday, January 17, 2008

Zero Fun #4 - Other Social... Stuff

Nice title. But the remaining four things in my Zero Fun list can't be lumped together without just calling them... stuff.

Eye Jot
I saw Chris Cavallari post something on Twitter (which rocks) about Eye Jot and how he liked the idea of being able to to send "video voicemail" to friends, so I signed up.

[time passed...]

Well that was... uneventful. Turns out I don't have the occasion to send much out in the way of video voice mail. With the notable exception of Mark Forman, none of my friends do either it seems.

A collective question and answer place sounds like a good idea. But with me, I already have quite a few ways to tap into my own personal collective and get answers to the questions I need. Maybe it's helpful to those who haven't built out their networks, or if answers are needed that require different knowledge bases than your friends have. In either case, it's not for me.

Real-time info on where I am and where I've been? Sounds kind of cool to me, the guy that lives out loud and isn't above letting his social circle help plan out his activities. But no one I knew or knew me was here, so it felt a little masturbatory to me.

Cool idea. But all my friends were and still are on Twitter. Thanks anyhow.

And that's it for my current list of Zero Fun items. Next week (or maybe sooner should the mood take me) I'll get to work on the Was Fun list. And as I try new things, I'm sure at least one or twenty will wind up in the Zero Fun pile.


  1. Hey Evo,

    I was wondering if you'd like to do a guest post on my company's social media blog about... well, social media. Any topic you like, between 250-600 words. :) Let me know!

  2. Hi Tabz,

    Sounds... interesting. And maybe fun! Email me so we can work out the details.


  3. Pownce... no fun, eh?

    I can't agree with you here. Realize that I still use Twitter, via TwitBin and TwitterFox and Twitter Mobile on my Treo, actively... very actively.

    I have about 47 or so people I track on Pownce, maybe 6 to 8 are active, though. We use the web link posting, audio file posting, and threaded conversations on Pownce. Those are the three things that keep me active on there.

    Now that Tod Maffin's "officially" left Twitter and dove over to Pownce, now I have a good reason to follow both.


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