Thursday, August 30, 2007

I Have No Time for That

Five O'Clocks Shadow 62

Originally uploaded by evo_terra

Today's five o'clock shadow is... A CULT CAST! Yep, it's been a long LONG time since I put one out. But now the office is ready, I had some free time and thought... why not?

If you're new to the CultCast experience, it's not what you are used to reading on the site. I'm a lot less nice. But hey, aren't all cult leaders? And no, I'm not looking for your money or asking you to follow. My cult is a cult of the willing. I need no sheep, thank you very much. Click the link on the right column of this page to get the prior episodes if you like.

Today's lesson deals with the choices we make and the impact those choices make to our availability. Chances are, you need to listen. If you have time.


  1. Great to hear the Evotron in audio again. Some minor critiques purely technical-thought bed music was great but a drop loud so it was a nano bit distracting. Maybe it's been a while but almost felt a Mur Lafferty feel in there(certainly a good thing). When you say your name at end I so felt like reacting to it like you're a podaholic and almost stood and said, "Hi Evo." Rock on.

  2. Good to have you back. So say we all.

  3. Great to hear your voice again. You are SO right...

    But I already did that. I quit my RPG group.

    And you know, it really breaks my heart to admit that my uncle Tony was right.

  4. For some reason I was expecting five minutes of goat raping and devil worship. Boy did I walk in on the wrong podcast.

  5. YES!!! Evo, I will always have time for a CultCast episode.

    I'm so glad you're back.

  6. Great advice and thanks for a good cultcast!


  7. yeah...i got loads of shit that i'd love to do (read, hang out/w friends, play videogames,ect...) goddam eduaction >:(


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