Monday, August 20, 2007

No, you don't need to know everything

Five O'Clock Shadow 59

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When someone comes over to my house and says something like "Here, boy" to my dog, I don't bother to correct them. Yes, the dog is female and yes, the person is wrong. But so what?

Trust me. The dog doesn't care. In fact, the dog has no idea that we humans have placed differentiating labels on male and female members of the same species. In fact, I have my doubts if the dog truly gets the meaning of male, female or even species. She's a dog, after all.

And it really doesn't matter to the person who made the error, either. Unless of course that person is involved in the field of veterinary medicine, in which case it matters very much and I'd likely seek a new health care provider for said dog.

As for me, I genuinely do not give a frog's fat ass that someone got the sex of my dog wrong. There are plenty of other things in the world to worry about that take precedent over the infraction. So you see, all three parties are none the richer nor poorer for having the error corrected. We all move along.

Now. Go find ways to implement this teaching in your greater lives. There will be a quiz.


  1. But it helps when taking a test. :-P

    I need to remember this as I'm finishing school and looking for a new career. I have doubts and worry about being hired.

    Thanks Evo!

  2. Sagacious words indeed. I have seen people wast huge amounts of energy, not too mention the goodwill of those around them, just to be "right". In many, perhaps even most, it just isn't that important.

    Relax, enjoy, move on.

  3. Okay, this is completely off topic. Well, maybe not. We can file it under me "not knowing everything". I've *just* figured out that you, Evo, are not podcasting anymore. I'm a little behind in my Slice, and have been missing your dulcet tones. I discovered this blog by trying to figure out where you were these days. After a bunch of searching (since I don't subscribe to Wingin' It), I've figured out that you have left the building. How could I not know? Slice is my favourite podcast! Sigh. All this information on the Internet, and I missed it.

    Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that it sucks that you've left Slice, and podcasting in general. I've always enjoyed listening to you. You and Mike introduced me to podcasting through Slice and Dragon Page. Both shows have changed in the past two years, but I'll always appreciate how much fun you gave me on my long drives.

    Thanks for all the fish, and good luck with your future endeavours. I'll stay tuned in here, while it's still fun ;)


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