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13 Bullets: A Vampire Tale

13 Bullets: A Vampire Tale

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I recently completed the print version of David Wellington's 13 Bullets. Thanks to David for sending me a copy of the book, and for keeping it as a free online serialized text story. For today's Five O'Clock Shadow (up to #60), how about a quick review?

David has figured out the secret of writing damn good fiction: forget the boring-ass exposition that usually makes up the first part of the book, establishing characters, motivations and the world setting. Instead, start with an action scene that makes the reader wish he hadn't worn white undies -- then don't let up.

I'm serious. This book starts with action, throws on a little more action, gets all set for a nice and much needed breather, then throws that plan out the window and rips your nuts off with more action. And then for the finale... more action!

Well written, David. Very nice character growth. Exceptional pacing. You had so many chances to take this book down the easy-to-follow path, but each time you didn't and gave us something unexpected. I read this book in about four evenings, an hour or two at a time. Had I started it on a Sunday morning, it would have spelled the end of my productivity for the day. So watch it.

But get it. Very worth it. Think of your personal favorite X-Files episode. Make Scully a fresh recruit and a lesbian, and replace Fox with the CSM -- but with more attitude and fire power. Now make them fight the baddest and ugliest vampires you can think of -- none of this romantic blood-sucker bullshit. Mix well. And don't forget to breathe.

Well done, David. You serve as a fine example to others that giving content away for free can -- and does -- turn into good things.

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