Saturday, September 1, 2007

You never know when inspiration may strike

I hope you are all aware of Beatnik Turtle. Every day this year, this horn-powered rock band releases a brand new song with their Song of the Day project. When you try to crank out a new tune each and every day, you take your inspiration from a variety of sources. Some folks, like my friends Charlie the Beer Guy & Mur Lafferty, ask for songs to be written, and they group is happy to comply. Check out Speaking of Beer and Mason Rocket.

Sometimes the inspiration comes from sad moments, as happened when Joe Murphy passed. I can't find the tune 'For Joe' on their site right now, but I'll see if I can't find it later and post a link.

Anyhow... Sometimes that inspiration comes from the strangest and most mundane places. Like a totally throw-away post I made on Twitter some weeks (months?) ago. The song is Just Getting Off The Call With Rob Safuto. I gotta start posting some high-value stuff if people are going to use it as inspiration.

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  1. Evo,

    Beatnik Turtle was cool enough to do the new theme for our show as well and that can be found at:



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