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Off the cuff Top 10 Marketing Mistakes to avoid

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Recently I was asked (twice, because I'm a putz) to contribute to an article to be posted in Entrepreneur magazine. I'm hopeful that my ideas will make it in, but you never know. So, at the request of the fantastically talented Chris Miller, I'm posting what I sent here. I didn't pull these from any book or high-priced seminar. Instead, I wrote what I've seen and learned from In no particular order:

Top 10 Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

  1. Don't assume your pea shooter can't reach the moon. Many folks underestimate the power of a well thought out and executed marketing campaign. I'm not talking about spending lots of hard cash, but I am talking about spending lots of time, energy and effort. If you've got a quality product, you can make it go big if you try. And know how.
  2. Don't be afraid to swim upstream. Many of the "tried and true" methods of success in marketing are simply there because someone hasn't come up with a better way. You can't do this blind, obviously. But if you see an opportunity to do it differently and better, do it!
  3. Don't assume your audience is stupid. All too many marketers cater to the lowest common denominator. Give your audience some credit, and make the assumption that they'll get what you are offering -- without you having to repeat it in HEAD ON fashion.
  4. Don't be afraid to go hyper-niche. Sure, there's lots of money to be made appealing to the masses. But we could be nearing the end (or at list a big shit away from) the "blockbuster" era. People have lots of avenues to find what they want. Go niche and find an audience who cares deeply, but in smaller numbers.
  5. Don't listen to "we tried that before" stories. This medium in which we live and work has changed. Facebook wouldn't have worked in 1997.
  6. Don't buy the "don't be a sellout" mantra. As my friend Dave Slusher says: "There is no such thing as selling out. There's only selling too cheaply".
  7. Don't be afraid to copy new success. Find out what worked really well for someone with something similar to what you are offering, and do that. There's probably enough room for both of you.
  8. Don't ignore people's inherent need for help. Today, people have access to information. For many, it's just too much information. People love choices, but the also love it when people help them make those choices. Narrow down lists, or act as a curator of information. That's helpful.
  9. Don't listen (too closely) to your fans. Fans have a vested interest in getting more of what they like from you. But that may not be what's best for your product or service. By all means listen, but don't jump to implement suggestions from fans -- unless they meet with your well thought out and executed plan.
  10. Don't forget to have fun. (Thanks, Steve!)You can do just about anything to make money. Market the things you love. Market the things that make you happy. You'll be happier -- and more successful -- in the end.

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  1. Gotta love that you quote the Evil Genius himself, I knew I followed your blog for a reason. Makes me pine for the days us podcasters were a small group of insurgents where everybody had at least heard of everyone else's show.
    Damn, and I remember Dave saying that quote too. Heh.


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