Thursday, November 20, 2008

Would you recommend me as a speaker?

Evo TerraImage by EricaLucci via FlickrWere you in attendance for one of my recent speaking engagements? Did you find the information I gave valuable? If so, can I get a favor from you?

To be blunt: I want more speaking engagements. They are a LOT of fun for me and I genuinely enjoy sharing what I know with a receptive audience. Plus, there is some business upside in it for me, too. Altruistic? Sure. But I'm not above making some contacts or getting covered for my time/travels either.

I've just updated my LinkedIn profile to include my "work" as a public speaker*. I'd really appreciate it if I could get a recommendation or twenty from any of you who may have found this site after hearing me speak at a various event. I know my Twitter following has blossomed as a result. So this is my attempt to harness some of that groundswell and further my career as a speaker.

Thanks in advance for your help. Oh, and if you'd like me to speak at your next event, let's chat!

* - I put that in quotes because sometimes I'm paid to speak and sometime I'm not. And sometimes, it sure doesn't feel like work.

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  1. I would like to hear your thoughts on computational fluid dynamics as it relates to intra-celluar hydration transfer.

  2. I've heard Evo speak a few times, sometimes to himself, often to a group and he's fantastic.

    His latest lecture (speech, class, not sure what to call it) at PodCampAZ this past year was stellar. His ability to relay content (5 reasons your podcast sucks) while being able to balance audience interaction was a pleasure to see. Too often speakers either ignore their audience completely or engage TOO much.

    But not Evo. He'll shut up you, get you to talk and even convince you that he's putting on an interactive show rather than actually teaching something.

    See, learning can be fun!

  3. Joshua - If that's a paying gig, you've got it. Advanced cellular biology is a hobby of mine.

    Tyler - Much thanks for the comments and the levity. I'm sending you a request to repeat that process over on LinkedIn!

  4. I would definitely recommend Evo as a speaker. He can translate technical jargon and things he's familiar with into plain English. I saw him Wednesday, and he was funny and educational. To my mind, that's the best combination. People learn well when they're entertained. I'll log onto LinkeIn too and say the same thing! Thanks, Evo!


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