Monday, November 3, 2008

5 Reasons Why Your Podcast SUCKS preso

I know not everyone could watch me present this topic in person at Podcamp AZ over the weekend. So I'm posting it here. There isn't any audio, so you may have to struggle to grasp the concept of some of the slides. Someone with more time would have recorded an audio track to go along with it. in fact, you may find such a recording of me giving this talk online. Search for it. If you find it, let me know and I'll link to it.

UPDATE: Dani recorded the session and has made it available, so now you can listen while you watch!

Note The Law of Two Feet applies to viewing this presentation. If it's not for you -- as in you aren't looking to increase your audience size or to improve it's attractiveness to sponsors, advertisers, critics or whoever -- then don't watch. I'm happy to have you tell me why I'm incorrect on some assumptions, but also remember that you're only watching. You don't have my words to back up these slides.

With that, enjoy!

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  2. As a PodCaster from NJ who knows you, and does a 10 minute PodCast with too long intros and outros, and the occasional promo... I take great glee in assuming that I almost got mentioned in a presentation about PodCasting by one of the foremost voices on how to PodCast. I assume that I (and about 35,000 other PodCasters) should take the feedback in a constructive way, and make my PodCast "suck less".

    Eat it, Mevio.

    Evo. Thanks for the preso, it was something I was in the right mental place to hear, and act on, because I do some of your don't dos... and want to improve...

    Debbie... thanks for being the other thing Evo uses to make his PodCast sound good.

    I trimmed it just for Evo... whoa, that sounds a bit disturbing...

  3. I forgot the sixth reason: spelling "podcast" as a proper noun and with camel-case! ;)

    Brad rocks. :)

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  5. I think what you bring up is spot-on.

    podcasters reading this -- I'm a LISTENER (I don't podcast), I WANT podcasting to work, I WANT to listen to you
    take the advice of this guy as CONSTRUCTIVE criticism and listen to critique -- there are people out here
    who want to hear your programs -- but rambling isn't a program

  6. Great point Jim. Rambling isn't a program.

    I think you're actually illustrating the larger problem with 'podcasting'. Many podcasters are wanna-be broadcasters and are doing it to hear their own voice. Serving the listener is not high on the agenda.

  7. Jim is exactly right. The problem behind the lack of quality in many podcasts is that many podcasters are creating programming becuase they like hearing the sound of their own voice. If you're a wanna-be broadcaster the listener is often not high on your list of prorities.

  8. Remember that Evo's comments are for people who want to get more listeners. He's identifying obstacles to that goal. There are plenty of podcasts where that goal, if it's even there at all, is not a priority.

    If you're listening to a podcast that sucks, and you don't like it, stop listening.

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  11. ah HA! i knew there was a reason i listen to you! :P

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