Thursday, November 6, 2008

5 Reasons Why Your Podcast SUCKS on iTunes preso

More from my talks at Podcamp AZ last weekend!

No, this isn't the same as the previously posted slidshow. Pay close attention to the title. This one is all about things you are (probably) doing wrong on iTunes.

I make plenty of examples out of plenty of my friends here. I hope none of them take it personally. Just pointing out errors. Might as well use friends, right?

There's also some video that Queen Geek captured. If you can find a way to sync them together, have at it!

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  1. Is there audio for this one as well? I loved the Your Podcast Sucks presentation.

  2. [...] 5 Reasons Why Your Podcast SUCKS on iTunes (There is no audio for this (yet)) [...]

  3. [...] Sucks. This latest talk is a follow-on to the two prior, 5 Reasons your Podcast Sucks and 5 Reasons You Suck on iTunes. Once again, the subtitle is “… and what you can do about it.”. I’m not one [...]


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