Sunday, June 15, 2008

Life isn't as fragile as you think (for Obsidian)

How many of you remember the world-wide blackout that happened on November 19, 2007? Oh, come on. Huge terror strike at power plants all over the US? Saudi Arabia pretty much wiped off the map? No? Oh. Well maybe because that didn't happen in this universe, but in J.C. Hutchins' 7th Son trilogy.

If your puzzled with what I just wrote, catch up here. For the rest, know that J.C. has asked several folks to play in his sandbox, contributing to 7th Son Obsidian, a collection of works from many icons in the podosphere. And for some strange reason, he asked me to play.

So for all of you clamoring for another Cult Cast: here. And thank J.C. for it. Remember that it was written as if I were living in the 7th Son world, so some history may not be exactly as you remember it.


  1. Hey Evo.

    Just finished listening to your OBSIDIAN contribution. Absolutely LOVED it.

  2. Thanks, Chris. Nice to dust off the mic now and again...


  3. So now I have to listen to the podiobook.... but It seems I need to get an account to subscribe to the feed (use an iPod commuting) so I'm another old slice-of-scifi follower converted to podiobooks.... Thanks Evo.

  4. Accounts on are free, Lantrix. Enjoy the tale!


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