Thursday, June 26, 2008

Does this mic make me look fat?


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Last night I put the final touches on the Gangplank Studios setup. Well, "final" may be going to far. I plugged everything we had in and got it all working. Lots more things to do (like get the spot server working, piping audio back to that machine... yada yada), but it is functional.

To prove it, I recorded a quick conversation with Jimmy and Sunny. No, I'm not putting it up. Well... maybe not. We'll see how I can make it sound in post.

We do have a needs list, if anyone is interested into contributing. This is designed to be a community studio, open to the public, with podcasting pros available to come teach, help you record... whatever. So your help helps many. Here's what we need (so far):

  • Pop filters
  • Sound deadening materials
  • Headphone amp (for 4)
  • Headphones (4)
  • You

We'll take "ghetto" style of the items above, save the last three, in which we're happy to take used. We can also take items "on loan", as long as you understand that some damn fool may spill something. In which case I'll break some knuckles, but if the studio can't afford to buy it on our own, we can't afford to pay you back if something bad happens.

I'm out of town for the weekend, but will be ready to start working on groovy stuff when I get back!

Props to Luz for snapping shots and adding to the merriment!


  1. Nice. Now, I realize I'm late listening to the most recent Ultracreatives.

    I'm extremely impressed that you're giving the web world a place to interact, interface, use the intertubez in concert. I've been watching with interest the SouthWest's growth in the "new" media/5th Estate environment.

    And, no, the mic doesn't make you look fat. Black is very slimming.


  2. Go Evo Go Evo Go!

    It's about time. Can't wait to hear what comes out of this.

  3. Think we can get a brown bag to show how to use this equipment as it is intended sometime? It's awesome to have the studio, but would be better to be able to use it to its full potential ;)

  4. Part of the plan is to offer seminars and classes to the general public that teaches everyone (who cares to learn) how to use the equipment. We're getting there!

  5. I want to learn when I come back in September. I've been making crummy videos for years.

  6. I can't wait to get back in town and can start breaking this studio in, as well as getting these seminars and classes started! :)

    Where's it at? AZ baby!!


  7. Wow....sounds cool man! Makes me ALMOST wish we were out in that area. (too damn hot for our tastes)

  8. I watched through a cracked door at Gangplank as the studio was coming together, and it looks pretty slick in there. Can't wait to get in and give it a test run! Way to go putting this together, Evo!

  9. Any need for a systems guy who has experiance with audio/video production? Would be willing to help if needed. Drop me a line and let me know.


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