Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Design the cover of Bill DeSmedt's next release

Bill DeSmedt, author of the incredibly rich and exciting novel Singularity, is putting the final touches on his second book in the tale, Dualism. I really enjoyed Bill's hard-science approach in the first book, plus his fantastic Russian accents. But he never will say "moose and squirrel" to me...

Anyhow, before he launches Dualism, he's going to release a series of "Soapbox Seminars" given by his fictional astrophysicist John C. Adler, Ph.D. "Doctor Jack" will be talking about the science behind the Tunguska Event, and in particular about the Jackson-Ryan hypothesis -- that it was a submicroscopic black hole that impacted the earth a hundred years ago this week. We're going to start putting these lectures up on Podiobooks.com on June 30th so everyone can enjoy them, but first, we've got to attend to one crucial detail that Bill forgot -- namely THE COVER ART!

So here's to hoping there's a fan of Bill's initial work out there who has the necessary design and layout chops to make a killer cover for this new "extra" content. Oh, and did I mention you have DAYS to do it? Interested parties, please email Bill directly. And be quick about it! The artist whose work is chosen for the cover will receive a free autographed copy of the Singularity hardcover as a thank you present.


  1. I am looking forward to dualism...Singularity is one of my favourite podcast novels...for the reason you mentioned here and the whole "Time" subplot.

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