Friday, June 13, 2008

Five O'Clock Shadow 100

Five O'Clock Shadow 100

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Hey, it's been a while. Maybe we'll do this again for a time.

I turned 40 a few days ago, and it seems the universe has decided it's time for me to deal with some grown up stuff. Thanks, universe.

Negative: Business for my full-time gig isn't going so well. Major personnel changes at our two anchor clients have left us... well, short. As such, we had to take measures and let a valued employee seek options elsewhere. I've never had to terminate anyone for any reason other than just cause, so this was tough. And yes, likely tougher for the other, I'll grant you.

Positive: I had a great lunch meeting with two really smart entrepreneurs who like what I have to say. It's still very early in the planning stages, but I smell interesting things happening.

Negative: As the pic indicates, I'm struggling with the issue of censorship. Not here, but that other site I run. I'm not adding fuel to the fire with a link. Figure it out if you want to join the conversation. If not, carry on.

Positive: I'm helping out the smart folks at Ganglank set up a podcasting studio. We're doing it totally on the chap, and it's the first time I've ever done such a thing. Very challenging and frustrating at times. But it's going to be all kinds of rewarding when we can unleash the collective awesome sauce of the Phoenix "engaged" scene.

I'll spare you the details of my degrading body. Let's just say I'm going to have put off my prostate check for a bit. Nice of those things to pop up (or out) 2 days after my b-day. Ready for you any time, inherent wisdom. 'Cuz debilitation sucks.


  1. It's very revealing to see you censor my comments in a discussion you've framed as one of dealing with censorship of which you do not approve.


  2. That's great. Apply the douchbag label, and clever little graphic.

    The fact remains that you want to frame the discussion over on the other site as dealing with heinous "censorship" while you actively censor me. You're every bit the hypocrite I've come to know you to be.


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