Monday, October 11, 2010

Yes, I really did get hit by a car today.

Yes, I really did get hit by a car today. And yes, I'm fine. So is the bike. Allow me to explain.

[caption id="attachment_1546" align="alignleft" width="200" caption="My Strida folding bike that got hit by a car today"]My Strida folding bike that got hit by a car today[/caption]Since returning to civilization (Tempe) from the boonies (Chandler), I've discovered that I'm about a half a mile from a bus route. You see, I like to ride the bus. I don't do it because of my desire to decrease my carbon footprint. I don't do it to make a stand for better public transportation. I don't do it to protest rising gas prices. All are worthy causes, and all I've supported (to varying degrees) in years gone past. Back in the deep dark oughts, I bought1 a folding bike by Strida just so I could take it on and off the bus with me, zipping to and from the stops so I could decrease my commute time. Yes, that's what the bike I ride looks like. No, they don't make that version any more. Yes, you can buy the updated version and be almost as cool as me. And you'll like it.

But today, I bike/bus for more selfish reasons: More time to decompress. Though tonight was an exception. Allow me to explain:

  • Drive to work: 20 minutes. Me, behind the wheel and paying close attention to the road and the idiot drivers around me.
  • Bus to work: 30 minutes. Me, sitting on my ass listening to podcasts, audiobooks or reading an ebook. Idiots likely surround me, but I'm not paying any attention.
  • Bike home from work: 38 minutes. Me, pedaling and expending energy to reduce stress. And get hit by a car.

  • OK, that doesn't typically happen. But it did today. Albeit a very low speed collision, but a collision none the less. I wasn't bodily injured or even bodily impacted by the strike. The bike's chassis took the full force of the impact, knocking my back tire sideways about 2 feet. My foot was mere inches from the bumper, but missed entirely.

    How did this happen? The simple answer: She had her head in her ass. The more complex answer: No, she had her head in her ass. There is no more complex answer. She claims she was "looking out for cars". And I guess by that she meant she was looking beyond the crosswalk, where my slow-moving folding bike and I were meandering across. Because she sure didn't see me as she blew all the way into the crosswalk, where vulgarity ensued post-impact.

    Save a few minor scratches, the bike pulled through like a champ. Score one for solid manufacturing skills! And save a serious tongue lashing, the young woman with the head so solidly shoved up her own ass pulled through as well, hopefully paying significantly greater attention in the years to come.

    And yes, I'll be back on the bike tomorrow. Don't hit me!

    1 - Yes, I really do own a bike that looks just like that. Yes, I really did buy it with my own money. And yes, those are affiliate links. But I assure you the story is real, and that I ride this bike damn near every single day.


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  2. That is the dorkiest bike I have ever seen.

    Pretty damn handy, I bet. Saw them everywhere in NYC and Seattle.

  3. It gets even dorkier when I ride it. But the handiness outshines the dorkiness.

  4. Glad you're OK. But we really need video of you riding that.... bike.

  5. Oh my! That is a crazy story Evo. Rubber side down. RUBBER SIDE DOWN!!!

  6. Glad to hear you're ok. It took me 2 hits to get off my bike permanently - I don't ride on roads nor sidewalks anymore... I might some time in the future, but probably in the park or hell away from people that drive with their head up their ass. BTW, both times I was hit by women... call it what you want, but I'm not longer want to be a part of this statistics :)

  7. I can vouch for Evo owning that bike. I bumped into him while he was on it one day. Well, I didn't bump into him, I walked by him and he whined at me about "just walking by and not saying hi."


  8. True story. Then again, Brian was paying a lot of attention to Carl that day, so I'm not terribly surprised. This woman, I'm fairly certain, did not have a waxed moustache.

  9. I think I'll just start carrying an expandable steel baton and whack the hell out of the cars to get their attention.

    Kidding. I'll keep riding and accept the risk. For now. :)

  10. I used to joke about the first time because I didn't get hurt. The second time I had 2 fire trucks 2 emergencies and cops on the scene and I barely could say a word :) Was hit on a sidewalk and was told by cops that it was against the law to ride on sidewalks. The only thing I could say - "If I were riding on the road, you'd also need a coroner". He laughed, but couldn't agree more... Good luck and watch out for the blonds ;)

  11. Hrm. Didn't consider the "legalities" of riding on the sidewalk. It's the right place, since my bike in the bike lane would lead to me shouts of anger from those on "real" bicycles, cruising at speeds I can only dream of!


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