Thursday, November 26, 2009

Trying out Google Friend Connect

Noogle Mug
Image by evo_terra via Flickr
Google Friend Connect is by no means new. Heck, it's not even all that exciting. And for many, it's just one more failed effort by Google at enabling or facilitating the social web.

Call Google what you will, but I don't think stupid is a fair description. And GFC seems to embrace many of the open web standards that I think will soon become the norm. So with that, I'm adding it to the site.

You'll notice a spot in the sidebar to "friend" my site. And to make this a total popularity contest -- at least over the weekend -- I'm adding a "top 10" gadget to this post. When I first posted this today, I'm my only friend. Kinda sad. So do something about that, if you're of a mind to.

And yes, I know there are loads of other resources like this. But I did mention this was Google, right? I'd be foolish to discount them out of hand. Which is what I've done with GFC for the last three years. Hey, I can be taught too, right?

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