Sunday, November 22, 2009

5 Reasons Your Podcast TECHNICALLY Sucks

Last weekend, as you know, was PodCamp AZ 2009. My presentation this year was 5 Reasons Your Podcast Technically Sucks. This latest talk is a follow-on to the two prior, 5 Reasons your Podcast Sucks and 5 Reasons You Suck on iTunes. Once again, the subtitle is "... and what you can do about it.". I'm not one to leave you without any action plan after I tell you what's wrong!

Once again, an abbreviated version is available via Slideshare for those that missed it. Or, if you prefer to experience it as-was, you can check the original audio version. I'm a big fan of SlideShare and think more presenters and speakers should use it as a showcase for their work. And if I can get some time over the holiday weekend, I'll put up my talk from NAR. Patience!

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