Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Evo has a new podcast

The announcement Friday morning at the podcasting track kick-off panel at Dragon*con made it official: I have returned to the podosphere with a new podcast, Evo at Eleven.

This new podcast wouldn't have happened without the following:
  • My lovely wife Sheila Dee. When she learned of the final-final shut down of Wingin' It! (I left well over a year ago), she immediately suggested that I start up again and fill the void in the podosphere.
  • The ever-helpful Debbie Walker. One stipulation I had on this show was that I be allowed to do what I do best: show up and talk. That means I needed an engineer to handle all the "work" that goes into recording and editing a show. And after some very quick and dirty training sessions, Debbie handles it all. Yay!
  • Gangplank. The second stipulation on the show was that I not do it from home. Derek asked me to set up a community podcasting studio with some donated equipment (props to Jade) in an office at Integrum. Watch for more podcasts coming from there, too.

All of that means that I effectively had no reason to stay away from the podosphere. Of course, you may listen and find your own reasons you wish I had stayed away. Anyhow... the first four shows are live and available for your listening pleasure. We'll do one a week -- probably -- until we run out of things to say.


  1. Well done bloke - I will forward to hearing it.

  2. ok, you twisted my arm and I've subscribed

  3. Great to have the opportunity to listen to you again.

    You need a promo now so we can pimp your show on other podcasts. I bet either of my regular listeners would love to hear you.

  4. Jason,

    Yeah... I need to. Need to do lots of things. Eventually will do some of those things. :)


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