Friday, September 5, 2008

Dragon*con 2008 captured perfectly


Originally uploaded by Scott Hurst

This is my new publicity shot.


Best. Photo. Of Me. EVAR!

Entourage consists of SkepChicks masalaskeptic, A, and carr2d2.

My buddy Mike Lopez said on Twitter:

You look like the gods are talking to you... and you're saying "can I call you back?"

This is getting printed out and going on my wall. Life-sized.

And holy shit! There is a whole set! These would make a great companion piece to much of the conversation we talk about on Evo @ 11 #5.


  1. I am wondering if i should be worried?

  2. Oh Sheila Dee! Don't worry one bit. I love Evo just about almost as much as I love you!

  3. Oh, Sheila Dee. No need to worry. I love Evo only just a tiny bit less than I love you. I'm sure he understands.


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