Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Things I Don't Care About #1

Upon examining my role in the community, I've noticed that some seek out my opinion on purported "Big Deals" in the space. But what I'm really finding is that most of the Big Deals don't mean a hill of beans to me. So I'll begin an ad-hoc new category of posts: Things I Don't Care About.

  • Podshow changes it's name to Mevio
    The conventional wisdom is that Adam, Ron & Co. are abandoning ship on the concept of podcasting, thereby somehow invalidating it for the rest of the community. Maybe the CW is right. Maybe not. But I honestly don't care. The marketplace where they play is still quite volatile and a long way from maturity. When you bitch about their name change, all I hear is that you thought the name and their approach to the market was perfect to begin with. And you're wrong. I've heard you say it enough times to know better.

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  1. Volatile-big word...I'm impressed. In fact Yahoo's market and the entire Net is still hardly mature and hence Vola...vola. Ahh, you get my point.


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